Friday, 15 August 2008

All Blacks V Springboks and Wayne Barnes

Another Saturday in August and another test match - this time the All Blacks take on the Springboks in Cape Town for yet another 'to the wire' and 'mouthwatering' (both quotes our very own Muzza Mexted) test match.

Already the mud has been slung with De Villiers getting his two p in about the All Black lineout. Last week it was the scrum, this week the lineout. What next Pete? Daniel Carter's undergarments?

Meanwhile, the All Blacks may have a greater nemesis to contend with P C Barnes back on the beat. After the calamities of 'that' world cup quarterfinal in Cardiff, you've got to respect the man's courage. Mind you, I notice old Paddy O'Brien didn't send him to touch judge on NZ terra firma. Maybe they're all not so gung-ho after all.

Whatever way, old Ted doesn't seem too concerned about Wayne Barnes' presence on the pitch Saturday night- or at least, he isn't letting on to the media if he is.

Wayne Barnes is Back...

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slugso said...

Barnes. I watched SA v Argentina last week, and all you could here was his voice ... for 80 minutes. It drowned out the crowd. He will do everything he can to get involved tomorrow. "I object!". Hopefully Hore can bail him up in a tackle out wide - accidentally ofcourse.

Ferdy said...

Too true Lu...
Well, t'will be interesting to see the outcome of tonight's game and if Barnes does anything further to enrage the New Zealand public.