Friday, 27 February 2009

Luke McAlister returning to New Zealand

Luke McAlister has rejected lucrative offers from several wealthy French rugby clubs to come back to New Zealand. He’ll be dotting down into Auckland airport when the Northern season ends in May. It is assumed he’ll get dispensation from the NZRFU to take up All Black duties immediately in June (normally you can’t represent the All Blacks unless you’ve played the previous season in the Super 14). It’s great news for Graham Henry and his team, who have had their work cut out for them after the player drain of 2008.

With the English economy in dire straits the boot appears to have shifted dramatically to the other foot for a number of British clubs. Struggling with salaries as sponsorship deals go kaput, left right and centre, a number of English clubs have to contend with their players cutting the apron strings and seeking the more lucrative options on French shores. Here’s Wasps chairman Mark Rigby expressing his concern. I'm sorry, where did Riki Flutey come from again?


slugso said...

Bring back Luke! Keep Weepu at 9. Otherwise this all smells of the whole 'playing people out of position' thing. See 1999, 2003, 2007.

KLK said...

I <3 Luke!

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