Monday, 16 February 2009

Six Nations, Tony Veitch and the silly old Super 14

More rugby on both sides of the hemisphere this weekend with the six nations bringing out a list of predictable results, although still quite spicy all the same. Particularly with the Welsh getting a bit of a scare from England. The sweet chariots (am I allowed to call them that?) even outscored those tricky welsh by two tries to one! What? Old Twinkletoes Williams (although thanks KLK - I didn't see the game so didn't realise that Williams wasn't playing) getting sidestepped by Armitage? Very impressive and I’m sure that will give Warren Gatland something to chew over before next weeks’ matches.

Ireland are sounding on form although we need to keep in mind they were only playing Italy so maybe it might pay not to get too excited yet. I mean, It’s all very well to look impressive against the probably wooden spooners of the tournament.

Even though Scotland were pipped by France this weekend, I’m still picking them to upset the apple cart this tournament. Don’t ask me my logic for this – it’s just a feeling.

Meanwhile, down south and the super 14 has started triggering the usual ‘it’s too early’ cries of woe in all the national newspapers. I’m not a huge super 14 fan. This might be because my team (Hurricanes), always seem to play quite ineptly, especially considering they've got so many supposed All Blacks representing them. I wasn’t surprised to hear on Saturday that they’d been beaten by the Warratahs (again). I think poor coaching might have something to do with it although for some reason, everyone in Wellington seems to think Colin Cooper walks on water. This baffles me.

One last thing. I began to think I was going mad when I heard that Tony Veitch was being brought back to television through Murray Deaker, another grumpy old rugby fart (are there any other types on New Zealand television?). But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Veitch has also been nominated in New Zealand’s media awards for top sports presenter! I guess all this goes to prove (not that we needed it proven anyway) that the New Zealand media is right down there at the bottom of the dung pile of world television. If you’ve never heard of Tony Veitch – lucky you. If you have– here’s an article from the Dropkicks site that sums up my feelings too.


KLK said...

Williams wasn't on the pitch, he stayed out due to an ankle injury from the previous test. It was Halfpenny (20 y/o with little or no defensive abilities) and m. jones on whose skills I'm not too impressed with either. Armitage is just good what can I really wasn't that pretty from wales.

Nursedude said...

I thought the opening weekend of the Super 14 was a great success. I saw two really good games: Highlanders-Brumbies and Lions- Cheetahs, both games had 4 tries apiece from each team, and the game from the house of Pain in Dunedin had some great drama-too bad there were so many empty seats, they missed a great game.

KLK said...

bleh I forgot to answer you q about women's rugby in the states. It's getting bigger but it's hard to compare since it's such a dang large country. I dunno, I'm having fun living in a bit of a rugby hub. Rugby is available to watch on tv but it costs a bloody lot (through Setanta Sports) as well as some online sites like Media Zone.