Friday, 13 March 2009

A taste of their own medicine?

The end of 2007 and the disastrous World Cup campaign for the All Blacks was further exacerbated for New Zealand when a number of high profile players from the team decided to pack up and play for the English, Irish and French clubs. Panic and misery ensued and it did look like all was lost for New Zealand rugby with the dollar just not being able to match up in the face of the strong Euro and Pound.

This time it looks like a few of the English clubs will be getting a taste of their own medicine with the latest of their own to pack up and ship out being Jonny Wilkinson. Jonny’s been a loyal servant for Newcastle for nearly 12 years but is looking to further his options in Toulon. The question is – why are France still so wealthy with big money to offer still when everything seems to be turning to custard in the UK?

And who will be the next to leave?


KLK said...

I'm sorry I'm still recovering from a double loss...Wales AND Bath...*Shudder*. Anyhoo have you read that ridiculous discussion with that idiot S. Jones and the England gang on lions selections? It's just gross looking at their pipe dreams. Wilko? At ten? Now? It's 2009, I think he's been broken 2009 times now...

Nursedude said...

Ferdy, you raise a very good question. How is it that in the rest of the world, sports attendance is in the pits,(You should see all of the empty seats at American Basketball games this winter and spring), the economy in France is not going great guns...yet, there seems to be money from French clubs to get some of the best talent money can buy. It is curious, to say the least.