Friday, 17 April 2009

Graham Henry on Tony Veitch

I was completely gobsmacked to read on the front page of the paper today, a statement from All Black coach Graham Henry sticking up for ‘popular’ sports Jock and TV newsreader Tony Veitch.

For those of you not familiar with New Zealand current affairs, Tony Veitch yesterday admitted in court to being guilty for violence so bad against his former partner, he broke her back in two places.

Here’s what Henry had to say: “Veitch was fair, objective and had a good "feel" for people and their situations. He never got involved in "bagging" individuals after the All Blacks' 2007 Rugby World Cup defeat in Cardiff. Because of his qualities as a journalist and his willingness to help others, Tony has many supporters in the community and they all hope that he gets an opportunity as soon as possible to be able to get on with his life."

Earth to Mr Henry?! How can you possibly compare the two things? Tony was nice to your rugby team so he’s a good guy? But he kicked a woman so badly when she was already down on the ground that he fractured the bones in her body? How can you compare that Mr Henry to rugby? How dare you compare that!

I’m so disgusted not just with this Veitch case, but the horrible ‘z list celebrities’ who have come to Veitch’s defence (Bernadine Kerby, Susan Davoy, Hamish Carter – you’re forever on my black list). Meanwhile, the victim, Veitch’s former girlfriend Kristen Dunne Powell, has been vilified in the press and by the public for the last six months while short man Veitch swaggers around saying how happy he is it’s all over and how he wants to start having ‘kiddies’. (Excuse me while I vomit).

As for Graham Henry – well you’ve broken me Graham. I’ve supported you through thick and thin, through the hard times when you lost the world cup and the country was against you. But I can’t support you anymore. Not after this. Now I know what you truly think about women and where you rate domestic violence in the big scheme of things.

I think Women’s Refuge Heather Henare best summed up my feelings about Graham Henry by saying, “Veitch supporters should be embarrassed after he was convicted of a "serious charge". As for Henry - that's somebody else who needs to go to counselling, if you ask me. It's completely irrelevant for the situation. To compare them both is hideous.

"We're talking about someone who had a broken back as a result of an assault."

You can read the background to the Veitch case here

You can read the victim Kristin Dunne Powell's statement here: 'Innocent people don't plead guilty'


Anonymous said...

Well said. Totally agree with everything. I would say more but I'm too upset and disgusted to formulate articulate sentences.

Anonymous said...

I also agree. Whilst public outrage at the fraudulent method of obtaining the references is appropriate, Graeme Henry, Susan Devoy and their cohorts might wish to consider how hypocritical it is that they would supply character references for one situation but not for another. He still has the same character whether he's applying for a passport or being convicted of viciously breaking a lady's back.