Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Super 14 picks for round 11

I’ve been struggling away with the Super 14 virtual picks on Jimungo in our office competition. I thought I would do better than sixth from the bottom, especially as a girl that swears by using the magic 8 ball to choose her teams often tops the table out of all us each week.

In the first rounds, my picks were predicted using with what had gone on the year before. But with bottom tabled teams of yesteryear such as the Reds and the Stormers taking to 2010 like bats out of hell, and table toppers plummeting to the depths of rugby oblivion such as the Chiefs and Hurricanes, I’ve had to change my thinking.

It’s all very strategic with virtual picks and I’ve tried all strategies. I often like to pick who I think others might not pick because this will mean more points for me and less for everyone else if my teams win. Sadly, this strategy of backing the underdogs has not really paid off as I hoped.

So my last resort in the late stages now of the competition is to choose with the heart (and sometimes with cold hearted logic in the case of a game like the Bulls playing the Lions).

It’s also good to match myself up with my many and varied celebrity ‘friends’. I take heart from the fact that the lispesh Ian Jones (of All Black locking and bullying fame in the 90s) is only two points ahead of me. For a former All Black who thinks he’s pretty special, that must be hard to take. Even more so when he is getting thrashed by John Campbell, Nisbo, TJ and the Magic 8 Ball girl.

Ruggerblogger picks for round 11: Chiefs, Reds, Crusaders, Hurricanes, Warratahs, Bulls, Sharks

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Scotty Donaldson said...

Yeah it was tough making predictions this season. I was beaten by a female friend who didn't watch a single game. It seems that a system based on past reputation and colour of uniforms can be effective.

I have a Rugby Tips blog and would love to link to this blog is you do the same.