Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Down to the wire in the Super 14 - round 14

I can’t believe I’m saying this in 2010, but the Super 14 is actually turning into an exciting competition! With the New Zealand teams being dire at best for most of the season, all hopes in Aotearoa come down to the Hurricanes and Crusaders winning their do or die matches this Friday against the Warratahs and Brumbies respectively.

Meanwhile, the top of the table Bulls are allegedly ‘resting’ 13 of their best players to play the Stormers which means that if the Stormers win, the two South African franchises will sit at the top of the table with home semis guaranteed, while the motley kiwis and ozzies battle it out for third and fourth place.

My heart wants the Hurricanes to win, and I’ll be picking them as my virtual picks. But picking emotionally hasn’t actually done me very good in the virtual game this year (I’m languishing near the bottom of the table at work).

Meanwhile, I do think the Crusaders have a better chance of ending the Brumbies hopes of a semi-final. They’re back home, they’ve lost three on the trot but they took the Bulls close. Dan is hopefully finding a bit more form. Could the former Canterbury champions really stomach losing four in a row? No, I don’t think they can let that happen.

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Nursedude said...

I think the Crusaders might fancy their chances with a re-rematch against the Bulls in South Africa. I think they were hard done by some home-cooked officiating in Pretoria a couple of weeks ago.