Tuesday, 13 July 2010

It's PC gone mad Mr Hayden!

I was glad to see Andy Hayden has finally left the building. You knew it was all going downhill for him when his resignation letter came out with that great saying that all aging cumedgeons seem to fall back on when life is falling around them: "It's PC gone mad!"

It is never acceptable to be racist and sexist, even if you think saying inflamatory things will boost your profile in the media, Mr Hayden. Political correctness serves its purpose well if it means diversity is encouraged and appreciated.

Hopefully the witless Hayden has learnt a lesson from this - but judging by his comments, I somehow doubt that. At least he's not in our faces anymore and we can move on and get someone with real mana as a rugby ambassador for 2011. Bring Back Buck!


Blair said...

read it and eep

Ferdy said...

Thanks for this article Blair.