Thursday, 8 July 2010

Where is the youf?

The three wise men have made their choices with a steady (translation: boring) All Black team chosen for the upcoming tri nations. It’s so disappointing after the exciting debuts of players with genuine X factor and promise during the Welsh and Irish tests. Now it feels we’re back to square one - stuck with the likes of Ma’a Nonu and Corey “Jacob Oram” Flynn.

From dependable to predictable

He may be a loyal servant to All Black rugby but Mils Muliaina is not what he used to be. He lacks the spark and zip of yesteryear – his dependability has morphed into predictability and I can’t understand why he has been given a place over the exciting, fresh Israel Dagg. Yes, yes, yes, experience is everything right? Keep him in the squad by all means, but as a back-up. Not as a starter.

The rocketman

Ditto for Slow Joe. He has no speed anymore. And he’s supposed to be a winger. Even I know that wingers are meant to run fast. In 2003 the rocketman did run fast and he was a thrill to watch. I can’t understand why aging sportspeople that struggle with their form stick around letting their once amazing reputations go up in flames. Joe is definitely a player who should have left the party at midnight when we still wanted more of him. As it is, he’s the last one left at 6am, sleeping on the couch with a big hangover, outstaying his welcome.

Let’s ask Paul the Octopus

Will we beat the Springboks this Saturday? Some of the boks look pumped (and by the looks of Spies, not just with endorphins). My heart wants the ABs but I think the Boks may take this one, which would be a sledgehammer on our confidence, but not altogether a bad thing a year out from the World cup. Maybe we should leave the predictions to Paul though.

An ‘unconvincing 2-0 win against Wales’

That’s what English Guardian hack Mike Averis said of the All Blacks series win earlier this month against Wales. If it’s light amusement you’re after – do read his article. Yet another example of a frustrated English sports hack getting their knickers in a big knot over the All Blacks. Come on, admit it Mike. You’re just a wee bit jealous aren’t you?


Blair said...

Haha found you! We were both wrong on the AB's what a match. Lets hope they can back it up in Welly

Nursedude said...

I don't know...I thought Muliana looked good against the boks.

Ferdy said...

I was definitely wrong about Mils! He was amazing and I have to eat my words! (Something I seem to have to do quite often).