Friday, 25 February 2011

It is only a game

It seems a tad disrespectful to indulge all the speculation about whether earthquake ravaged Christchurch will be able to perform its intended role as a host city in this year’s Rugby World Cup. Mere bricks and mortar, the state of AMI Stadium, and collapsing hotels are insignificant next to the need to find survivors, recover and identify people who lost their lives ... and indeed, just getting the basic infrastructure of the city reestablished.

I think the Crusaders and Hurricanes have done the right thing; cancelling the game and walking away with two points each. Some things don’t matter in the face of such destruction and people being in a state of visible shock.

I hope they do get back on their feet quickly. Canterbury people love their sports and their sports teams, and their teams always get out amongst their community. If one city deserves to take a major part in this year’s World Cup it is Christchurch because of all the outstanding players they have produced, all the trophies they have won ... and all the All Blacks they give us!

And as a biased Manawatu fan, it doesn’t even hurt to say that this week.


Nursedude said...

Ferdy, I have tickets to Australia-Russia at Christchurch...I still plan on going, even if the game is moved. I feel like if my wife and I can make it there and buy some meals and check out the sites, it won't be much, but I like to think that our dollars can play a part in the recovery.

Ferdy said...

Couldn't have said it better myself slugso.