Friday, 18 February 2011

I'm Super ... thanks for asking!

I don’t think Ferdy and I would admit to having many rules on here, but I’d usually adhere to a ‘guideline’ of not posting while pissed. Whoops.

No, I’m in control -  It’s just the glow of four sunny days in Wellington in a row, and 5 Steinies at work before leaving on Friday. The streets were peppered with smiling Hurricanes fans off to the opening game of rebranded Super Rugby tonight ... Hurricanes vs Highlanders.

Part of me (the part that grumpily failed to renew my Hurricanes season pass in for 2010) thought that the smile will soon get rubbed of their faces. That whole ‘expect the unexpected’ thing will bite them in the arse, we’ll flatter to deceive (ourselves), scrape to the semis, and get 5 All Blacks or so. You know, the Colin Cooper regime.

Now Mark Hammett is coach. A new style; not a big broom ... just a fresh approach which may well pay dividends. Our back line is astonishing in its potential ... I can't wait to see Julian Savea’s progress (my coworker has already coined the best headline for him blitzing a game: SAVEA DAMAGE!!!! The forwards are a mix of old, new, and unknown talent. A good thing I reckon.

So ...  I’m looking forward to the season. I do not understand the draw at all. I have always hated NFL and NBL so the ‘conference’ thing raises my hackles. Who knows what will happen, but I look forward to watching the best, the fastest, the most skillful professional Rugby Union league in teh world.

In other news ... England vs France this round in the Six Nations. Waterloo! Sheeeittt ... I honestly think my dislike of England is thawing, I think they may just win this week. This game dictates the possibility of a Grand Slam in the 6N and naturally the Championship, but I still maintain its 12 months too early for England’s World Cup dream. France are playing with their trademark fluidity and flair, their pack is performing well at set pieces ... but Red Rose heads are up, they are trying, trying, trying and a lot of it is coming off, even if only against sub par opposition. So, keep it up, Johnno, but we'll see you in seven months.

For tonight though ... Go the Canes, Tana for RWC 2011, slay the Bulls, Richie for Prez.


Ferdy said...

Slugso! I wonder if you Wellington is still feeling sunny? I've checked the score and the Hurricanes once again, did not live up to their potential, which in an odd way is like living up to their potential.

Still, not to worry. We wouldn't want to peak too soon would we? It sounds like a bit of a nightmare of a game - and Nonu sounded like he had a brain explosion!

Great blog. I agree with you about England. I'm kind of thawing towards them as well. It's amazing how a bit of go forward in a backline can bolster new respect for a team that once upon a time thought kicking was their only option.

slugso said...

Nonu had one of those invisible games .. except when the ref saw him. Dickinson had a strange game with the whistle, maybe all the players were just too eager after the summer break? Hats off to the Highlanders though ... not the easybeats everyone thought they would be.

Nursedude said...

I miss the old Super 14 logo...the new one looks like a security badge for a corporate firm.