Tuesday, 20 September 2011

7 cliches of RWC 2011 that I would be happy never to hear again

"Ireland have turned this world cup on it’s head" quoted 1,570,899 times in the last day by all newspapers in the British media.

"It depends what French team turns up on the day" said 700,000 times (mainly by Sean Fitzpatrick).

"France have become the All Blacks’ nemesis"  said by 4 million New Zealanders on a daily basis since Cardiff 2007.
"Chokers" said 5 billion times, mainly by Australians and a lot of fairweather rugby 'fan's from around the world who are only rugby  'experts' when a world cup is on.
"Can the All Blacks get this monkey off their back?" said 508,789 times by anyone that doesn't have anything original to write in their newspapers (mainly stuff and NZ herald journalists).
"Stop this mindless rotation!" Stuff and NZ Herald journalists again. Guys, write some new copy would you?

"Without McCaw and Carter the All Blacks are doomed." All of us, all of the time. (Too many times to tally).

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Kate Blackhurst said...

Well said! The standard of rugby 'commentary' has been pretty poor - although if you were to play 'drink-along-a-cliche' during some of those games you could get rip-roaringly merry! May the best team win.

Kate x