Monday, 19 September 2011

Pool A: France v Canada

“Great Kleeberger’s Beard, that was close!”

What a game - once again a very sharp effort from Canada, that really pushed France all the way. Though they may have run away with it in the end this was another beauty of a RWC 2011 match where the 4th ranked team in the World got a fright from the team ranked 10th!

Check the score flow on our stat graphic and you can see how even it was, how it ziiged & zagged - France only survived by the boot of Morgan Parra and the fleet Frency feet of Vinacent Clerc. Must mention that both I and Mrs Slugso had him in our fantasy teams, so we were very happy with his hattrick. She had him as Captain of her team so got double points.

Double Vincent Clerc ... What does it all meeaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn???!!!!!!


mikel said...

In this infographic wasn't it actually France, not Canada, who succeeded at 9/10 kicks at goal?

Anonymous said...

mikel's right.
The usually accurate Pritchard might've been affected by the fact that his second child was borne 2 hours before game time in the UK where he plays for Bedford.
How about that snap drop goal by little Monroe though.

slugso said...

Well spotted chaps ... that pesky ESPN site transposes the team stats to how IRB names teams. Ta. Fixed!