Friday, 9 September 2011


Don’t you just love FREE stuff!

Here’s are link to 9 FREE Ruggerblogger designs you can use as backdrops, wallpapers ... muriels - whatever you want to call them, each inspired by Ruggerblogger’s obssession with things black:

The Ruggerblogger Coat of Arms
Time to End 8,892 Days of Hurt
Our AB Main Men for RWC 2011 in glorious, efficient Helvetica
Piri, Ma’a, Conrad & Cory - The same efficient grotesk Swiss type applied to the Welly ABs
Our 10c Worth - The Tiki face
Smiley Face - This Time 2011
Never Lose to the Poms
RWC2011 Aroha
Ka Mate Lyrics

They are made in glorious black and white, 100% New Zealand manufactured pixels, at the correct resolution and size to fit iPhone 4 screens, not sure about Android, but then I am an Apple snob, so tough.

These are our gift to you - use them, share them, mock the kerning ... just don’t let me see them turn up on a t-shirt in a market somewhere, because although my lawyer may look harmless, he is one crazy son-of-a-hunter-s-thomdon fan, and they remain © ruggerblogger.

Love Slugso

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Nursedude said...

I thought I would be currently sitting and watching the All Blacks throttle Tonga here in Australia...WIN network is showing the AB-Tonga...on a 3 hour tape delay. Aussie TV is showing just one game on Saturday, Argentina-England, also on 3 hour tape delay. I can hardly wait until I get to New Zealand on 9/19 to see some live RWC games...