Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pool A: New Zealand v Tonga

Well, we’re underway. Six tries to one is fine by me, as our back three looked potent enough, but even Ted only gave this one 5 out of 10. Now he was a Headmaster, so he knows that is not great ... kind of a “See me after class, boy” in his world.

Lots to work on, though Kahui and Dagg looked great, and SBW stepped up with some tasty offloads. Forwards seemed to go okay, but man did we go off the boil in the second half. I don’t know what to make of teh game really, I do not think Tonga played one of their best games yet they were drilling us in our own 22 for a while.

Really think that game has not answered any questions for the selectors, its clarified nothing. Though Toeava may get the drop, he was the worst of the backs. Nod to Colin Slade as well, his cool thinking, and use of a timed pass put Nonu in for his try when it looked to have gone begging.

One down. Six to go. But they are bigger games to come.

Big nod to for his live data collection and analysis.


Blair said...

I was pumped at half time, was thinking that we were going to put 70 on them. But the second half was scrappy. We didnt help ourselves, but Tonga held onto the ball well. We defended well too. I hate to say it but the reffing was pretty poor. SBW's try should have been awarded. But, at least we didnt have any injury concerns.
Cowan was the weakest link for me. Kahui needs to start.

Ferdy said...

The ref was so slow! What's up with NH refs? They're always getting in the way!

I'm with you Blair. Very unhappy about Cowan. He's off the pace. Loved SBW, Kahui and Dagg. The young boys are the most exciting thing about this team at the mo.

I am worried though. We lost it in the second half. I don't know why. So many unforced errors. And our penalty count! We're a team on the wane with some old boys that are just not up to it at the moment. The question is, can we hold out for six more games? I know it sounds pessimestic, but we've been here before, and I know the signs.

I feel a sense of impending doom.

Slugso - your graphics are just fantastic.