Sunday, 18 September 2011

Pool B: England v Georgia

Say what you like about the NRL’s bad boys, the Canterbury Bulldogs ... but they’ve never tossed dwarves while on a belated Stag Do.


Nursedude said...

When I was in Portugal last year, I had a chance to watch the RWC qualifier between Portugal-Georgia. The thing that sticks out to me still is how all of the the Georgian forwards looked like heavies from a James Bond movie. They showed a lot of heart against England.

Ferdy said...

Hey Nursedude! Great to get your comments. You must be down in Welly on Monday. Wish I could be there.

I have read the papers in NZ today and am feeling really annoyed at the state of our rugby journalism (which is actually one of the reasons this blog was started).

Be prepared when you arrive in NZ to read one eyed, melodramatic, crap articles by the majority (I exclude people like Richard Boock from this list) of grumpy old conservative men who call themselves 'journalists'.

When they're not constantly moaning about Graham Henry and rotation (as if whatever they write is going to change his mind), they are turning their bile on England.

I'm even beginning to feel rather sorry for England and the way they're being treated in the media. All this constant negativity doesn't do anything except rile up a public that doesn't need much riling anyway. A

I'm watching The England Georgia game as I type and I really don't think England are that bad. They've scored some good tries and you're right. Georgia are an ok side. Very physical. But a look at Stuff and you'd be hard pressed to find anything positive written about this team.

Nursedude said...

Made it to Welly and staying in Lower Hutt. Beautiful place. I am hoping to hit downtown Welly tomorrow to start exploring. Loving the fact that beer is more reasonably priced here compared to Oz.