Friday, 21 October 2011

Bronze Final: Wales v Australia

When Punditry Goes Wrong

I watched this episode of Reunion last week and I laughed at the time. Barnes started the tournament off reasonably sensible, perhaps wanting to be made welcome by saying flattering things about the All Blacks ... but as the Cup progressed he got more and more looney, talking up Quade Cooper at every chance.

And Greg Martin? Well, he knows feck all – its proved every time he opens his mouth on a commentary in Super or the Tri Nations match. Martin & Phil Kearns constitute two thirds of the World's Corst Commentary Triumvirate ... and I can only theorise that Greg Clark (the other rugby head on Australia’s Fox network) did something unspeakably cruel to rabbits as a child, and is stuck in that commentary box with Dumb & Dumber as some kind of Earth-bound purgatorial sentence.

Poor Willy Lose and TJ - they did well to contain themselves.

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