Friday, 24 August 2007

Rage against the All Black machine

In the meantime, the All Blacks Rugby World Cup campaign is gathering apace – that is, gathering critics left, right and centre apace. McQueen, Latham and Rob Andrew have all taken a pot shot at the men in black this week, criticising them for being one dimensional etc. Laporte is calling them cheats (yawn) and the latest comes from good old Phil Kearns. Apparently the All Blacks are ‘worried’. The great orator himself believes ‘they’ve peaked too soon’. Oooh, now THAT is breaking news.

The only question is – who will next emerge from the dressing room with arms swinging, taking aim at Richie and his hapless, one dimensional motley crew. No doubt Wales, Ireland, Argentina and Scotland will be getting their ducks in line. Eddie Jones, nestled in the bosom of the Springbok camp, has been quiet for about a whole three days and is also overdue for a rant. Odds are on too for Sir Clive to pop his little shiny head up through the parapet and make a few snivelling sounds. And that great pie eater of the UK Sunday Times, aka Stephen ‘the All Blacks are a bunch of meanies and nobody likes them’ Jones, will no doubt enjoy a few blats out soon at the boys in black.


Nursedude said...

Ferdy, to hear this level of bitchiness from these people, you would normally have to go to an all girls school, a British All boys school or hang around a nurses breakroom.(As a nurse, I can say that)This will all be played out in France in few short weeks. Hide the kids and the women-folk, as they would say in the old westerns.

Ferdy said...

I know. Every day a different article appears with some commentator (normally of the Australian or British mould - and let's not forget France) slagging off the All Blacks. I can't remember it being this bad last time. i only hope the ABs can prove their thousands of critics wrong next month.

Nursedude said...

Less than two weeks untill I leave for France!

Setanta sports has been showing some really cool AB advertisements for Addidas. One commercial has some really cool Maori artwork with a background voice talking about the origins of the Haka.