Thursday, 9 August 2007

Rugby World Cup team profile - Australia

In this lull before the Rugby World Cup, I have decided to follow the lead of fellow esteemed bloggers and publish my thoughts on each top ten team heading into the World Cup Competition and what I think their chances are. Here are my thoughts on Australia:

Current World Rank: 2!

Random cliché: Only fools would write off the Wallabies - those buggers fight to the death...

Murray Mexted likely to say: "There's nothing that a tight forward likes more than a loosie right up his backside"

Stephen Jones did say: the Wallabies were again unconvincing in the scrum and were never ruthless enough

Main headlines of the local rag when they lose: 'What's rugby and who cares'

Glamour boy of the team: Matt Dunning

Greatest Moment in last four years: Beating the All Blacks in the 2007 Tri Nations

Weakest Moment: The Australian front row for the last four years.

Redeeming features: George Gregan and his constant handy hints to the referree

Weak link: Matt Dunning

Incumbent star: Stirling Mortlock (or as NZers like to call him 'that bloody Mortlock again')

Rising star: Adam Ashley-Cooper


Nursedude said...

How can you be a glamour boy and the weakest link? Oh yeah, forgot about David Beckham in soccer. Matt Dunning really was the weakest link in the last match at Eden Park in the scrums in the second half, that's for sure.

Ferdy said...

Glamour boys are often the weakest link nursedude! But in saying that - Matt Dunning isn't a true glamour boy. But he is such a front man (mind the pun) of the Wallabies at the moment that he is hard to ignore....

Matt Rowley said...


Hey, Dunning and his drop goals are our secret weapon! Although we'll only need him if you guys learn to tackle Beavis.

Matt @ Green and Gold Rugby

PS - The rank 2nd thanks very much!

Nursedude said...

I will agree that among current Wallaby players, the minute Mortlock puts on his Wallaby Jumper, he really is just an amazing player with great heart. To use an overused military cliche`, he is the type of guy you would want to have on your side, in your foxhole when things are tough.

Jonathon said...

Awesome article!
Mortlock will make a great captain I think. People are underestimating the wallabies this year I think..
I found a page with a full Profile of the Wallabies World Cup 2007 team

Its a page part of the site, they'v got loads of information building up to world cup 2007.

Keep blogging!