Monday, 9 February 2009

Winston Churchill at the Sunday Times

Just a quick question here. Is it just me or do The UK Times rugby hacks seem to fancy themselves as some sort of Winston Churchill type orators? Boys – quick reminder, it’s actually just rugby (and northern hemisphere rugger at that). No need to get so hot under the collar with all the trench warfare references.

Here’s just a scattering of the many Churchillian type comments over the last weekend. (Honestly – why are they so pompous?):

  • England must beware yellow peril against Wales – David Hands
  • Discipline must be the watchword before Millennium Stadium clash after England make habit of incurring referee's wrath – David Hands (again)
  • Ireland can dare to dream of glory – Mark Souster
  • For goodness sake, let us see an England team prepared to give every last shred – S Jones

(The 'yellow peril' reference is particularly confusing).


Nursedude said...

I think the Yellow peril is a reference to Wales new yellow shirts that they wear as their alternate jersey-but with the Wales-England game being played in Cardiff next week, Wales will be in their traditional red jumper anyway.

KLK said...

I totally forgot how much I love your blog!

werty said...