Friday, 31 August 2007

Rugby World Cup: Downloads and Team Profiles

Are you worried you’re not completely up with the goings on with the Rugby World Cup? Then check out these downloads. Get a Rugby World Cup countdown widget (the image can be changed), excel spreadsheets to update as the scores come in, dates to your outlook calendar and for NZ rugby fans: the Rugby World Cup TV3 schedule (thanks MiramarMike for this).

If you’re still sitting on the fence and you’re not sure who you want to support as we head into the final week’s countdown, take a peek at ruggerblogger’s Rugby World Cup Team profiles. I’ve still got a few to add to the collection but if you’re interesting in reading about the Springbok chances, the Wallaby woes, Scotland's steel, the weak link of England or the chiropractor of Samoa, then here is where it’s at. Happy downloading.

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Miramar Michael said...

Pleasure ... glad it helps