Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Pool A
New Zealand v Tonga | France v Japan | Tonga v Canada | New Zealand v Japan | France v Canada | Tonga v Japan | New Zealand v France | Canada v Japan | France v Tonga | New Zealand v Canada

Pool B
Scotland v Romania | Argentina v England | Scotland v Georgia | Argentina v Romania | England v Georgia | England v Romania | Argentina v Scotland | Georgia v Romania | England v Scotland | Argentina v Georgia

Pool C
Australia v Italy | Ireland v USA | Russia v USA | Australia v Ireland | Italy v Russia | Australia v USA | Ireland v Russia | Italy v USA | Australia v Russia | Ireland v Italy

Pool D
Fiji v Namibia | South Africa v Wales | Samoa v Namibia | South Africa v Fiji | Wales v Samoa | South Africa v Namibia | Fiji v Samoa | Wales v Namibia | South Africa v Samoa | Wales v Fiji


Ferdy said...

This is a herculean effort Slugso. Amazing.

GimliNZ said...

The Italy vs USA link is wrong - takes me to the Japan vs Canada infographic!

slugso said...

Thanks, GimliNZ, just fixed it!

Mvyver said...

Hey Slugso, Awesome website! Best one for stats that Ive seen so far! Do you have the stat of which team has he worst kicking record/success % for penalties and conversions? I cant fins it anywhere!!

Mvyver said...

Only for RWC 2011 please