Saturday, 29 October 2011


When I tweeted that I was going to do this, to prepare infographic style summaries of every bloody game in this World Cup, I wasn’t really thinking right. I did not consider how long it might take me, especially when there were 3-4 games a day in the first week or so.

However, I got there and I hope you found them easy to reference and somehow useful.

Once again, I have to thank for his work in generating the data for field position & territory.

I hope maybe that I can learn how to do this even better for next year - and for 2015 ... though what technology awaits us in the blogosphere in four years time is anyone’s guess.

Please keep in touch with ruggerblogger for all the World Champion All Blacks’ games next year ... until then, have a great summer (or winter) wherever you are.

Pool A
New Zealand v Tonga | France v Japan | Tonga v Canada | New Zealand v Japan | France v Canada | Tonga v Japan | New Zealand v France | Canada v Japan | France v Tonga | New Zealand v Canada

Pool B
Scotland v Romania | Argentina v England | Scotland v Georgia | Argentina v Romania | England v Georgia | England v Romania | Argentina v Scotland | Georgia v Romania | England v Scotland | Argentina v Georgia

Pool C
Australia v Italy | Ireland v USA | Russia v USA | Australia v Ireland | Italy v Russia | Australia v USA | Ireland v Russia | Italy v USA | Australia v Russia | Ireland v Italy

Pool D
Fiji v Namibia | South Africa v Wales | Samoa v Namibia | South Africa v Fiji | Wales v Samoa | South Africa v Namibia | Fiji v Samoa | Wales v Namibia | South Africa v Samoa | Wales v Fiji

Quarter Final 1: Ireland v Wales
Quarter Final 2: England v France 
Quarter Final 3: South Africa v Australia 
Quarter Final 4: New Zealand v Argentina

Semi Final 1: Wales v France 
Semi Final 2: New Zealand v Australia

Bronze Final: Wales v Australia

Final: New Zealand v France


Anonymous said...

Hey!! BTW These are awesome! Legend!

Carcharius said...

This is amazing, so much work. well done

slugso said...

Hey, thanks you guys - it was a lot of work, but they turned out bloody good we reckon.

Stay tuned for next year ... and I think we'll roll them out for Six Nations too.